Relieve your hands after a long day of knitting (or sewing or typing)

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So you’ve spent the day knitting or sewing or typing. Maybe you’ve even been busy with last-minute handmade holiday gift-making? You’re starting to get an uncomfortable or possibly tingling feeling with each movement of your fingers. As creatives, our hands are often our life-blood, both financially and soulfully, and we can’t afford to let them wither. It’s time to stretch!

Note: It’s important to acknowledge the state of your body right now. Stretching should stretch you a bit, but it should not be painful.

The prayer stretch for hands, wrists, and fingers

Start with your hands in front of you, palms together as if in prayer:

Pose 1A

Lower your hands as far as is comfortable (feeling a stretch but not pain). Do not go further than just below your chest with your arms making a straight line, elbow to elbow:

Pose 1B

Shift your hands to your right so that your left arm fully crosses your body or until you feel the stretch in your right wrist:

Pose 1C

Then bring your hands back to center again.

Next, bring your hands to your left so that your right arm fully crosses your body or until you feel the stretch in your left wrist.

Pose 1D

And return to center once more.

Now, flex your fingers to the right until you feel a stretch in your right fingers:

Pose 1E

Bring your fingers back upright and then flex them to the left until you feel a stretch in your left fingers:

Pose 1F

How did it feel?

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