10,000 Steps

Posted By on Nov 7, 2013 in Self-care

Living in NYC, we walk a lot. A LOT. And it just becomes a normal part of life; I don’t even notice. Until my family comes to visit and huffs and puffs as we say ‘It’s not far.’ When I got a day job in Brooklyn, I lamented the long subway commute from Queens. Then I started driving. One day a week became two became three became … The cost of gas and parking felt so little compared to getting an extra hour or more of my life back! And it IS so little. Now that my husband is learning to code and at home, it’s gotten even worse — I get rides on the days I need to go into Manhattan (and take the subway) after work. Getting my time back is so worth it. But the side effects are starting to really show — and it’s not so much on my wallet, it’s on my body. gold-spiky-flats I got my husband and I FitBits for Christmas last year and I wore mine religiously for a while … and then it sat on the dresser for months. I grabbed it, charged it, and hooked it on my bra last week. At the end of the day I was SHOCKED by how few steps I had taken. Previously, I would walk about 5,000 steps on days I drove and 10,000 steps on days I took the subway. Not only was I not taking the subway much, I was walking about 3,000 steps! No wonder I’m not feeling as good as I did previously! So my husband and I have created a goal of walking 10,000 steps a day. For him, he takes walks at varying times a day and fits short or long ones in based on studying and the dogs. For me, this means walking at night. We’ve been walking the dogs and feeding them, then I go for a walk. Sometimes with my husband,and sometimes by myself. Sometimes I listen to music or audio books or talk on the phone to family and friends. And it turns out that this time to myself, outside, nurturing relationships and my mind has become joyful and anticipated. The goal of getting to 10,000 steps a day has become something I look forward to completing — not so much for the ‘achievement’ but instead for the precious moments it brings.

What have you started doing to nourish yourself? What was missing in your life that you didn’t realize until you stumbled upon it?

gold-steps photo credits: Stacie Stacie Stacie via photopin cc, Stacie Stacie Stacie via photopin cc, and Stacie Stacie Stacie via photopin cc

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