How to sell your handmade items to Brides — Part 1: Clothing and accessories

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This post is part of a 3 part series on selling your handmade items to brides. Click here to see the rest of the posts.

Wedding season — generally late spring through early summer — is coming up. This means that lots of brides are spending lots of money on unique items for their wedding. More and more brides are turning to Etsy and other handmade or unique sellers to add special touches to their wedding. In fact, there are more and more “alt-weddings” happening and lots of blogs catering to them. Here’s a quick slide show describing these alt-weddings.

The wedding industry is giant and I believe that most handmade artisans can create offerings that cater to brides and grooms during this special time when they are spending a lot of money to express themselves. Let’s start with clothing and accessories.

Jewelry and Accessories

Obviously, jewelry is a big deal, but you can think outside the engagement ring/wedding band block. Brides buy necklaces, bracelets, and earrings too. And don’t forget jewelry gifts for bridesmaids, flower girls, and female relatives. Then there are cuff links for the guys or dapper ladies.

For my wedding, I purchased brooches for all the readers, groomsmen, and parents as well as for the groom. The bridesmaids, flower girl, and I had matching rings.


The rock 'n roll brooches and rings I got for the wedding party, readers, parents, and my husband and I

If you already make jewelry, one way to cater to brides and weddings, is to make your items higher quality and price. Try using higher quality metals (pure gold), pearls, and offering versions in variations of white.

Jewelry can also be used elsewhere. Both my husband and I got lockets where we put photos of our decreased loves ones. He wore his as a pin and I wrapped my locket necklace through my bouquet.

And don’t forget about hats, fascinators, and headbands for everyone — bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen, mother of the bride, father of the bride, etc.

There are also shoe clips, garters, belts, sashes, clutches and suspenders. And don’t forget about the mother of all accessories: the veil.

Some ideas for wedding accessories by craft:

Knitters and crocheters

  • Flower fascinator for the bride or more whimsical ones for the flower girl
  • Shrug or bolero
  • Gloves
  • Necklace with knitted or crocheted flowers
  • Shoe clips featuring knitted or crocheted flowers
  • Garter
  • Yarmulkes


  • Necklaces for the wedding party — from fun to traditional, there is a lot of leeway here.
  • Brooches for the wedding party or special guests (such as grandparents or readers or officiants).
  • Necklace, rings, and/or earrings for the bride
  • Beaded shoe clips
  • Lockets and other memorial jewelry to wear or display

Handbag Designer

  • Clutches as bouquet alternatives
  • Clutch for the bridal
  • Clutches as wedding party gifts!

Graphic and print designers

  • A monogram to be silk screen onto clothing, engraved onto things, or to create laser cut jewelry
  • Paper flowers to be used in jewelry or from something significant as a memorial.


Of course, there’s THE dress, but lots of other people need clothing for the wedding.

  • Bride: Besides THE dress, many brides have a different reception dress as well as outfits for the rehearsal dinner, next day brunch, and the honeymoon. There are shawls, capes, shrugs, boleros, gloves, scarves, corsets, tights, muffs for winter weddings. And of course, there’s lingerie!
  • Groom: They’re not all wearing tuxes these days: from super casual to dapper to period, lots of outfits work along with suspenders, hats, socks, vests, and even kilts!
  • Wedding party and parents: wedding outfits from casual to classic. There are so many options here
  • Kids: Whether in the wedding as flower girl or ring bearer or children of the bride or groom, kids need special stuff for the wedding. Depending on the season, they’ll also need: tights, socks, shoes, sweaters, gloves, and hats.
  • Don’t forget pets! Lots of people are putting their beloved furry animals in their weddings. I personally sewed a tuxedo with ring pillow for my little guy. Think about collars, sweaters, shirts, and backpacks.

How can you sell your items to brides?

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