How to sell your handmade items to Brides — Part 2: Special wedding things

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This post is part of a 3 part series on selling your handmade items to brides. Click here to see the rest of the posts.

In How to sell your handmade items to Brides — Part 1, we talked about selling accessories and clothing for weddings. Now let’s talk about all the fun wedding specific stuff that you can make!

Traditionally paper goods

You can have so much fun with these basic wedding items.

Guestbooks can pretty much be anything that the guests can sign! And, remember, they need a place to put them before and after someone signs them as well as signage letting guests know what to do.

PuzzledPuzzle guestbook Creative Commons License Kisså via Compfight

  • Photo albums with photos of the couple, a place that is special to them, or filled with art.
  • Post cards, punch cards, letters, or any small paper that guests can individually sign or write a message.
  • River rocks, instruments, large or small sculptures, boxes — anything that can be signed using permanent silver or black (or any color!) markers. And, of course, they need a wonderful display.
  • Posters, art, or photographs with a mat make a great guestbook.
  • Polaroid guestbook — guests can take a photo of themselves and slip it into a book. Brides need books or materials to make this happen!
  • Cards — how to sweet to have your guests write you a personal card for your wedding. Great opportunity for stationary designers to branch out as well as to make card boxes.

All the stationary … invitations, save the dates, thank you cards. Think beyond just calligraphy and lace: couples are opting for stationary themes such as comic books, tattoos, and their favorite movie.

Save the Dates

Photo courtesy of dccraftaholic128 on Flickr.

But it’s not just the stationary themselves that you can make, it’s also … props used in the save the dates or thank you cards featuring the couple’s name and/or the date. Also, think of cute images and sayings such as “I got your back”, “She said Yes!” and any love qutoes. Think:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Pillows
  • Crocheted banner
  • Matching knitted sweaters for the engaged couple

Escort cards — or for the uninitiated, the cards that tell people where to sit — can be pretty much anything you can tack a name and table number to. Things that double as favors are a huge bonus.

Escort card flowers by Flower Thyme on Etsy

  • Felted soap
  • Seed packets
  • Spices
  • Matchbooks
  • Coasters
  • Mugs
  • Notebooks
  • Boxes of tea
  • Compasses, toys, dice, action figures
  • Knitted flowers

And then there are programs, which can be pretty much anything, including a comic book! Non-paper things can be made into a program (and double as favors!), by having a slot to stick a piece of paper in. Or they can be one hung up for all to see, which allows even more fun, customized options.

Lastly, there are Ketubahs for Jewish weddings, customize Calligraphy for envelopes and stickers, creating DIY kits, custom photo albums,


Forgot Jordan almonds, favors can be anything you can individualize and done in bulk for $1-10 per person.

Jug favors from Pottery by Anita.

  • Cootie catchers!
  • Jars of honey or jam
  • Soaps or candles
  • Small ceramic dishes or candle sticks or bowls.
  • Pins or brooches or other gender-neutral jewelry
  • Coffee or tea and maybe something to go with it — tea strainer, mug, honey, sugar, etc.
  • Candy, spices, popcorn, cookies, and other food things
  • Bookmarks, cards, notebooks, and notepads

Bouquets and Boutonniere

Think that since you’re not a florist, you’re out of the bouquet game? Think again! Due to the cost and the traditional nature of flowers, lots of brides are opting for flower alternatives.

Flower-like bouquets and boutonnieres can be made from:

  • Vintage brooches
  • Fabric, felt, knitted, or crocheted flowers
  • Beads and wire
  • Buttons
  • Feathers
  • Paper
  • Shells and rocks
  • Christmas ornaments

Bouquet by Bridal Bouquets by Ky on Etsy.

Then there are the straight-up different options:

  • Lanterns
  • Balloons
  • Fans
  • Toys — even Barbie!
  • Clutches, purses, and handbags
  • Parasols
  • Muffs for a winter wedding
  • Books

As for boutonnieres — basically, if you can pin it, it can be a boutonnieres. The sky’s the limit!

Ring holders

Of course, ring pillows are the standard and can be sewn, knitted, or crocheted. But there are lots of other options as well:

  • Dog outfits! From a container attached to a collar to the ring pillow sewn to an dog outfit, this is a fun way to carry the rings down the aisle
  • In a book with a cut out center or envelope glued inside.
  • Ceramic, glass, or wooden dish or box
  • Jewelry — locket pin or necklace, tied with a ribbon that the rings are looped through, etc. Get creative!


Alternative and DIY brides often don’t have a venue that includes decorations, so they are looking for unique items to make their wedding special.

Love One Another

Love One Another from Creative Commons License Kisså via Compfight

  • Bunting and banners
  • Wreaths
  • Pin wheels
  • Photo booth props! Photo booths are huge right now and this can include: frames, silly hats or accessories, and signs.
  • Signs — paper, wooden, ceramic, embroidered, knitted, glass, framed, posts, or almost anything. Signs are needed for:
    • Directions to the reception, drinks, or the bathroom
    • Explaining the guestbook
    • Menus and drink lists
    • Photo booth
    • Card box/li>
    • Memorials for deceased loved ones
  • Table numbers or names can be marked with signs (paper, wooden, ceramic), jars, wine bottles, books, or art. Couples are getting quite creative with table naming, using themes such as:
    • TV/movies
    • Books and authors
    • Poetry
    • Superheros
    • The Periodic table of Elements!
  • Food display — cupcake trees, cake and pie stands, tubs to hold drinks, buffet set ups, table runners, and more
  • Other things

    Brides also look for special and customized wedding dress hangers and bags for flower petals, bird seed, or confetti. Card boxes for guests to put cards into can be traditional with white and lace or made to look like a monster!

    And then there are gifts for the wedding party, parents, and readers. Basically, almost anything you make can fall into this category, especially if you can sell a group together.

    Want to sell your items to brides, but not sure how? Tell me about it in the comments!

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