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Last week, Tara Swiger’s Starship and the OMHG chat, were all about Holiday Sanity.

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One thing that keeps coming up is how overwhelming the holiday orders + holiday craft fairs are. I hear that!

The first fair I ever did, was the Bust Holiday Craftacular – between my sister shipping goods to preparing display to actually getting the stuff there on the subway (Oy Vei!), it was stressful (and awesome!) and I wasn’t even the one making things.

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Recently, I created vendor gift bags for The Little Wedding Things Bridal Event. The gift bags contained the essentials and more: Tylenol, twine, gift tags, pretzels. I mentioned this at the OMHG chat and people seemed to love the idea.

And the truth is that I love making little gift bags!!

So I’ve put together Patterned’s Holiday Fair Survival Kit for a select few of you! It will contain pain killers, pocket mirrors, twine, gift tags, a cool wooden business card holder and more essential/useful stuff PLUS some super-duper awesome FUN stuff!

Best of all? It’ll only cost you $5 (for shipping)! The items in the kit cost AT LEAST $12.50 so you’re getting a real steal here. Wooo-hooo!

These are only available through December 17th or until they sell out. Get yours now!

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Did you fill out your handmade love seller story yet? Do it here! Tell me about all the exceptional things you do for your customers.

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