Afraid to send the email that will grow your biz? Alexandra Franzen got me to do it!

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Alexandra Franzen's Five Scripts to fill your client docket pack

Alexandra Franzen’s Five Scripts to Fill your Client Docket pack

If there’s one truth I’ve found in the talk about women vs. men in business, it’s this: women don’t ask. We don’t ask for a shout out from our loved ones. We don’t ask to be guest-bloggers. We don’t ask for joint ventures. We don’t ask to help a stranger. We don’t ask for referrals.

But we should. It’s hard: you feel desperate or undeserving or pushy or silly. And obviously, ladies just don’t behave like that. Right?

Wrong. Lots of people want to help you. They just don’t know you need it.

My success story: the beginning

So I had this idea: I would sponsor vendor gift bags for a craft fair both to promote Patterned and to get more feedback from potential customers about their customer service struggles.

I was browsing Etsy’s event list and I found a really cool, local(ish) small wedding fair coming up: the Little Wedding Things event.

With my history in the alt-wedding community, the expense of many wedding orders, and the stress of the brides, I’ve often thought Patterned would be perfect for wedding vendors. Bottom line: this seemed like a perfect opportunity, I just needed to get up the nerve to email the event creator.

Enter Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen

Seriously, isn’t she adorable?

Through the grapevine of amazing creative business bloggers, I found Alexandra Franzen. With a blog name like “Unicorns for Socialism“, my punk rock side just could not help but love her. (If you’re reading this, can we be besties!?)

I started perusing her shop and came across her Five scripts to fill your client docket script packet. It’s tagline was “Ask for what you want. And get it!” Yes please!

The script pack included Five scripts, designed to (in her words):

  • Pitch yourself as a potential guest-blogger.
  • Announce your new business identity to people who love you.
  • Gift some pro-bono time to a company you dig.
  • Propose a mutually-delicious joint-venture collaboration.
  • Ask current clients to pump referrals your way.

Once I got the script pack, I was blown away with how fuckin’ cool the scripts sounded. I modified the script for Proposing a mutually-delicious joint-venture collaboration to feel more like my voice (and, let’s face it, I just didn’t have the balls to sound that cool … yet.)

My success story: the end

I held my breath before I sent the email and then proceeded to completely try to ignore all email until I had to check it. (My go-to method of handling email anxiety.)

But the anxiety was in vain, Christina, the organizer of The Little Wedding Things Bridal Event was thrilled to have me do vendor gift bags.

The event was on Saturday and despite crazy, insane, pull-your-hair-out traffic on the George Washington Bridge from NYC to New Jersey, my super-supportive friend and I got there and gave out the bags. Everyone appreciated the Craft Fair survival bags – tylenol, pretzels, safety pins … you know the essentials – and I think my pitch was warmly received.

Regardless, I ended up with about 50% of the vendors filling out the feedback cards and a mailing list sign up. Not a bad start.

The bottom line: Ask and ye shall receive … with the help of Alexandra Franzen

I know that Alexandra is in mad-high demand, but her script packs are an awesome way to get a little bit of her magic in the mean time (or if you have less means). I highly recommend them and, when needed, I plan to get the other way-awesome scripts packs.

Here’s a list of all the magical wordsmithing script packs you can get from her:

Alexandra also offers — for free! — her prep guide for sessions with her: Pre-Velocity Playbook

What has helped you reach out to grow your business?

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